How Does Stereolithography SLA 3dprinting technology Work?

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How Does Stereolithography SLA 3dprinting technology Work?

Postby 3dtech » Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:01 pm

How Does Stereolithography(SLA) Work?

Stereolithography is a laser-based technology that uses a UV-sensitive liquid resin. A UV laser beam scans the surface of the resin and selectively hardens the material corresponding to a cross section of the product, building the 3D part from the bottom to the top. The required supports for overhangs and cavities are automatically generated, and later manually removed.


Why choose Stereolithography?

When you need a part printed yesterday and delivered right now, Stereolithography is what you want to be looking at. It’s a 3d printing technology that produces great looking models with impeccable surface quality in no time. At vexmatech, we’ve also developed our own patented Mammoth Stereolithography machines that let us build and ship parts in less than a day. And they even give you the freedom to 3D print parts up to 2 meters long in a single build. 3d printing in chennai bangalore karnataka kolkata tamilnadu panjab lucknow


applications for Stereolithography

Visual prototypes for photo shoots and market testing

“Show and tell” parts with smooth surfaces and fine details

Prototypes for limited functional testing

Masters for copying techniques such as Vacuum Casting

Alternatives for sheet metal prototypes when coated with a metal plating process

Patterns for investment casting

Low-volume production of complex geometries

Materials for Stereolithography

ome of the widest range of resins for their 3d printer "Form+1 and +2. And the variety of resins come from Clear, Tough, Flexible and Castable resins.

HD Mechanical - spot S-Pro- SLA resin

investment castable resin(IC) - 3D Printing Materials for Jewelry

flexible sla resin - HD Elastic


durable tough resin - HD strong


Snow White Resin - HD white

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