What software for 1.0 jr

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What software for 1.0 jr

Postby Matt Thomas » Tue May 01, 2018 1:00 pm

Hello all. Brand new here and to Printing. I do have education version of solidworks and a sketchup pro licenses.

Here is my setup. I bought the jr1.0 from a friend about 8 months ago. I have not used it at all. I am ready to set it up. I have been told by many people I will need this and that and maybe this or that in order to print. So here is my questions:

1. How do I clean the extruder?
2. What software do I need to print, not design? (I have solidworks and sketch up pro)
3. Wht is slic3r or ultimaker cura?
4. Is xyzware the same as slic3f or cura?

I just want to make part in sketchup or solidworks, then import stl file into printersoftware where I can control the quality of print, scale easily, rotate it, orintate it, see how long and how many grams it will weigh etc etc

Thank you. I have never used a 3d printer before. I just started solidworks in class. Thank you so much
Matt Thomas
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Re: What software for 1.0 jr

Postby theGleep » Wed May 09, 2018 7:05 am

In order:

1. How do I clean the extruder?

My Jr. Pro came with a little metal probe that will force filament out of the nozzle. I believe you can buy one at the XYZPrinting store. I will take apart my extruder assembly, down to the nozzle, then I use a kitchen brule' torch to heat up the nozzle (use pliers or something!) enough that I can push the filament through the nozzle. I repeat the heat-and-push until I don't get anything else out of the nozzle.

Before you remove/disassemble the heat sink, make sure you have thermal paste available to replace what will get removed by handling.

2. What software do I need to print, not design? (I have solidworks and sketch up pro)

To print, you will need a package called a "slicer" (see question 3). XYZPrinting provides a decent one (http://www.xyzprinting.com/en-US/software/xyzware-pro), but as I get more into the printing, I find that Cura provides better features. One of these days, I'll try Slic3r.

3. Wh[a]t is slic3r or ultimaker cura?

Slic3r and Cura are programs called "slicers" - the "cut" your model into a set of layers, then for each layer it computes the path for the print head to follow (as well as temperatures, delays and a few other things). The output from the slicer is called "gcode". XYZWare-Pro puts out it's own custom version, but (based on other posts I've seen), this seems to be normal gcode with a few custom commands.

The file you export from your slicer is then given to your printer, which follows the instructions to build your print.

4. Is xyzware the same as slic3[r] or cura?
Not exactly the same, but serves the same purpose.
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