Printing Issues

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Printing Issues

Postby Mardoqueo Harrington » Thu May 31, 2018 4:54 pm

Hey guys, seems like the only time i come here when i need help... And I need lots of help. Last time i asked for help we had that issue where our extruder filled with PLA... We resolved that issue by getting a new one, a .3 mil. in stead of the standard .4. Now that we got out new printer, we just arnt getting good prints. Its like the PLA is not bonding or something. So here what we got going on:

We are using Hatchbox PLA (Copper color)
At first I tried the PLA at temp 190 we dont get as much rippling effect but omg it warps.
Then, with out thinking much about the temp, i selected a profile for another PLA we liked, but melted at a hotter temp, 227. We got none of the warping but oh boy massive rippling.
Yes i did make sure all the prints, the nozzle was changed to .3mm.

i have calibrated a couple of times, and even cleaned the nozzle, the brand new nozzle mind you.
We do print in the basement which is probably around 63-67. If that is to cold has any one come up with a good way to heat in side the box? like with a car oil pan heater or something?

Any help or ideas are always appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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