Did they install the wrong extruder in my printer

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Did they install the wrong extruder in my printer

Postby jaykav99 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:04 pm

Davinci pro 3 in 1
Just got my printer and after many failed calibrations . I realized the extruder was not installed correctly it was just sitting there crooked . So I pull it out and try to reseat it and it just won’t slide in. I then try the laser. Goes in just fine. This leads me to believe someone tried and failed to install the wrong extruder

The main difference I see between the laser and this extruder is the piece between the fan and the block. The laser is silver and tilted more upward so the fan is moved forward and then offers more room for install IMO

Can anyone confirm this for me ? See pic

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Re: Did they install the wrong extruder in my printer

Postby Buxton » Sat Oct 27, 2018 3:53 am

First time on the on the forum for me, but that is correct if you have a pro. I have the 3 in 1 w same extruder. I'm just starting to have flow problems but it has over 2400 hrs of almost flawless prints, enjoy!
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Re: Did they install the wrong extruder in my printer

Postby Tom » Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:29 am

I don’t know about the 3 in 1 but I’m pretty sure it uses the same module that the Pro 1.0 does and that’s what I got. The Pro 1.0 that I have has that exact same module in it that you have in the picture there. Hope that helps. I also have a problem getting mine back in after taking it out. It hits on the bracket at the top and I have a bear of a time getting it back in. I’m thinking about taking the bracket off and elongating the holes in it slightly to give me a little more room to insert the module. There’s just no clearance vertically to insert the stupid thing. I think I’m going to bend or break something trying to get the dearned thing back in.
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