Empty Resin botthe but machine says 56% left

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Empty Resin botthe but machine says 56% left

Postby higginsdj » Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:54 pm

So how accurate is the machine in determining how much resin is left? I just switched my first bottle of resin and the machine said I had 56% remaining (Noble 1A - latest firmware). It's not idea in the middle of a print to have the tank filled with a 1000 air bubbles as the machine effectively blows air rather than resin (yes the resin bottle was in fact empty)
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Re: Empty Resin botthe but machine says 56% left

Postby Tony » Sun Apr 08, 2018 5:45 am

Keep the bottle!!. Get some 3rd party stuff.
Don't fill it all the way like 50% if you are at 56%.
Use same color that your bottle is. ie. use clear if it is clear, white if it is white.
Make sure it is for laser not DLP they are different.
Mae sure you clean the tank TOO!

Always check your bottle before a print just pick it up if it feels close to empty and you have a big print put in a new bottle.

I have not ran out in middle of a print but have refilled with open source stuff. keeps your cost down.

I don't have a problem with XYZ making everything proprietary, they need to make MONEY to pay to keep up with developments and they need to make sure their materials work as advertised.
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Re: Empty Resin botthe but machine says 56% left

Postby Herb » Mon May 21, 2018 5:51 pm

What they are trying to do (and failing miserably in my opinion) is to keep track of the resin available rather than the resin in the bottle. This means that if you start with an empty resin tank and a full resin bottle, and fill the tank, the printer will report 100% because none of the resin has been used. But over time, resin seems to go missing.
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