What technology development of the 3D printing industry?

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What technology development of the 3D printing industry?

Postby 3dtech » Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:21 am

It depends which part of the industry you mean.

For desktop 3D printing the trend is being driven by the:

Maker movement,
people feeling detached from their technology,
the fact that we all have office jobs that don't give us the pleasure of working with physical objects,
the fact that in a complex world the simple act of making something brings fulfillment,
The fact that in a data driven world information is at your fingertips and customizable but things arent't.
The paradox of choice making it harder for us to distinguish the things that we should buy.
General dissilusionment in the promises marketeers make us. 3d printing service bangalore pune mumbai

Parts suppliers in China that via AliBaba and other channels are making small batch stepper motors and the like available.
The RepRap project.
The general feeling of distrust people have in institutions, -isms, countries, politicians etc. and an increased feeling for the need for self-reliance.
The decentralization and democratization of many things such as payments, retail, online auctions etc.

So at least for the desktop technology plays a small part in the key drivers but its more a question of a convergence of sociological trends.
In the Business to Business market the key drivers are:

Increased need for Western companies to differentiate themselves technologically from China.
Increased need by Western companies to customize, individualize and produce in small batch their products because they are in search of higher margins or niche markets.
Increased global competition causes a need to make better products through using prototyping in the design and development products.
Weight saving in aircraft and other parts.
Industry having a need for certain geometries that can not be produced with another process.
A belief that increased automated production will bring efficiencies.
Developments in lasers, inkjet, printing heads, photopolymers and other technologies making their adoption for 3D printing cheaper and more likely.
Personalized medicine.
The belief that individualized products for consumers will bring better percieved value to them.
General machine improvements over the past two decades that have gotten the machines to the point where they can make end use parts.
Improvements in thermoplastics and resins to make the process cheaper while delivering better results.
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