What can 3D printing do for product design and development?

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What can 3D printing do for product design and development?

Postby 3dtech » Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:10 pm

3d printing technology that lets you to create a physical object from a digital model.

It started in 80’s under the name “Rapid Prototyping” because this was the purpose of the technology: to prototype faster and cheaper.

The possibility of 3d printers are endless and they are becoming a commonplace tool in fields like engineering, product Designing, manufacturing and architecture.

The major benefit of 3d printing is we can make as many prototypes as we need until we achieve our design goals.

3d printing speeds up product design process for prototyping of a product , functional part, architecture and many other fields.


There are several companies providing 3d printing services in chennai bangalore kolkata lucknow karnataka tamil nadu India but for a commercial use you need to be sure about accuracy and quality of the 3D print.Vexma Technologies provides solutions for 3D Printing and 3D Modeling in India and have experience in working with various different consumers and industries.

We have been working with plastic manufacturing industries, customised bikes making companies,IOT startups and many other industries.

We provide PAN India services and ensure shortest lead time for delivering the 3D prints.

Reach out to us for follow services:

- 2D to 3D Design conversions for 3D Printing

- 3D Modeling

-FDM 3D Printing

Our aim is to provide best quality printed products with maximum accuracy helping us to have happy and satisfied customers.

An important step in product development has always been the prototype. Depending on the product in question, the creation of the prototype could take a great deal of time. 3D printing cuts the time involved considerably. Whether creating a functional or merely cosmetic prototype, a printed item makes the product development process a great deal faster.

One of the major advantage of 3D Printing is that it is possible to Print/Produce any complex geometry within few minutes and allow us to see and validate the Looks, Shape and size of the Modeled Geometry/Product.


3D Printing is not only used for the Prototyping of the products… its also used as it is in various fields by the help of appropriate Model material…

3D Printing is used in:

3d printing medical applications : Replacement of Damaged Bones with that of 3D Printed ones.

Food and supplies: Cakes with attractive shapes and geometry can be made by this approach.

3D Printing in Consumer Products : Various consumer products that are usually Injection Molded, Extruded, And Milled Ones.

3d printing in mechanical engineering: Durable and high strength Model Materials such as nylon and carbon fibre

Ornaments : 3d printed jewellery.

3d printing in architecture industry
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