How are the 3D printer and its related businesses in India?

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How are the 3D printer and its related businesses in India?

Postby 3dtech » Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:03 pm

3D Printing technology has been accepted all over the world for its various advantages, thus making India to focus on this technology. 3D printing is in its nascent stage in India (now its catching up), as the awareness in missing. Many people in India still don't know about this technology, and the one who knows are shying away thinking its very costly and complicated.


In India the demand for 3D printing is catching up and gradually being accepted in the industry. Currently the demand is witnessed from the industries like 3d printing in healthcare industry, 3d printed jewelry, automobile, aerospace, 3d printing in architecture industry etc. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an excellent tool for design validation and product refinement. Therefore it serves as a good companion to CAD software, which is used extensively in India. Also, AM is being used increasingly for jewelry design & production and for the prototyping of automobile parts.

The subsequent set of corresponding bullet points then suggests the opportunities that these challenges translate to.

The current state of personal 3D printing is in general not synergistic with the Indian consumer: Most of the traction in domestic 3D printers involves fused deposition modeling (FDM) filament printers sold in the form of kits & Stereolithography (SLA) require resins. These require some experimentation and skill to put together, calibrate and operate. Due to limited access and training around metal machining, few retail stores for DIY mechanical hardware, and paucity of hobbyist friendly machine shops / fabricators / MakerSpaces in India, only a small percentage of Indians can manage the DIY aspect of 3d printing in delhi ncr gurgaon mumbai pune chennai india .
Added to this, many of my generation who followed the path of higher education have been culturally discouraged from doing "haath ka kaam": Our parent's generation have always implied, or said outright, that the whole point of higher education is to not have to get our hands dirty: Leave that to the plumbers, electricians and other craftsmen who didn't have the "great opportunities in education" that we were being given. Sadly, this has left us poorly equipped to get under the hood on something like putting together 3D printers or making them work better. Hopefully the younger generation will have a better rounded out education, between "shop class" being introduced in schools, and access to the MakerSpace type set-ups cropping up in the metros.
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