How 3D printing disrupting Automotive & logistics industry

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How 3D printing disrupting Automotive & logistics industry

Postby 3dtech » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:43 pm

3D printing tooling additionally allows design groups to avoid delay because they can be a lot of responsive with the flexibility to make one-off custom parts.


There are many different types of 3D printing that may be applied to automotive parts and manufacturing. While different types of plastic printing are grabbing headlines, some corporations are looking at large metal parts.

Benefits of 3D Printing in Automotive Design

Leading global corporations have recently begun to realize the industrial benefits of 3D printers in automotive manufacturing on the far side prototyping. 3D printing has considerably transformed the way automobiles are designed, developed and manufactured. 3D printers in automotive manufacturing and design can give global automobile manufacturers the following advantages.

Rapid Prototyping: One of the main advantages of 3D printers in automotive design is that the direction of rapid prototyping within the pre-manufacturing stage. Companies have the prospect of developing everything starting from scale-models right down to individual component, quicker than ever. Prototyping in-house permits businesses to manage any Intellectual Property (IP) infringements and information leaks.

Lower Turnaround Time: Time saved within the prototyping stages drastically reduces turnaround time across all subsequent stages of manufacturing. This adds nice business price in terms of lower prices and else legerity.

Low Consumption and Wastage: 3D printing in automotive design drives lower consumption and wastage unlike the traditional approaches of auto design. Learnings from this may be effectively leveraged in reducing consumption and wastage of materials in all subsequent manufacturing stages.

Lower Costs: Time and resources saved within the various stages of production reduces overall value of production. Lowering prices at each and every level allows companies to transfer some of the cost-reduction edges to the end-user.

Added Flexibility: 3D printers in automotive design empowers companies to do multiple options and iterations right within the development stages, resulting in optimum and economical automobile design. Manufacturers have the agility to create design changes on-the-fly serving to them keep in-tune with market needs and prior competition.

Why 3D Printing for Automotive Design?

Replace expensive CNC Production

By exchange expensive and lead-time essential CNC-milled components with in-house manufactured plastic parts, you will be able to dramatically reduce your production prices.

The printed plastic parts additionally perform higher technically, weigh less and are well suited for the assembly of advanced bodies that, once using typical metal-cutting processes, would be terribly tough and very expensive to produce.

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Create higher Assembly Tools

For hand-held devices used on the assembly line, engineers will use 3D printing to create ergonomically designed assembly aids that perform higher than conventionally created tools.

What Are The Implications For The Logistics Industry?

The implications of this new manufacturing technology for the logistics industry could be massive:

Potentially a proportion of goods which were previously produced in China or other Asia markets could be ‘near-sourced’ to North America and Europe. This would reduce shipping and air cargo volumes.
The ‘mass customisation’ of products would mean that inventory levels fall, as goods are made to order. This would have the effect of reducing warehousing requirements.
There would be fewer opportunities for logistics suppliers to be involved in companies’ upstream supply chains, as manufacturing processes are increasingly re-bundled within a single facility. Tiers of component suppliers are done away with, as is the need for supplier villages, line side supply etc.
Downstream logistics would also be affected. Build-to-order production strategies could fundamentally impact the manufacturer-wholesaler-retailer relationship. In the future the shopping experience could also be vastly different. In some sectors, retailers will either cease to exist or become ‘shop windows’ for manufacturers, keeping no stock of their own. Orders are fulfilled directly by the manufacturer, and delivered to the home of the consumer.
A major new sector of the logistics industry would emerge dealing with the storage and movement of the raw materials which ‘feed’ the 3D Printers. As 3D Printers become more affordable to the general public, the home delivery market of these materials would increase.
The Service Parts Logistics sector would be one of the first to be affected. At present billions are spent on holding stock to supply products as diverse as cars to x-ray machines. In some cases huge amount of redundancy is built into supply chains to enable parts to be dispatched in a very short timescale to get machines up and running again as fast as possible.


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