3D-Printed Embedded Electronics Make this Drone Ready to Fly

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3D-Printed Embedded Electronics Make this Drone Ready to Fly

Postby 3dtech » Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:42 am

3D Printing and Electronics

3D printed technology (which has been around for several decades) has only become popular with makers in the past five years thanks to reduction in part costs, research into printable materials, and improvements in technology. Printed technology, despite taking longer to manufacture a specific part (as compared to dedicated manufacturing plants), has some significant advantages.


For example, a plastic injection moulding machine can make plastic parts in seconds for pennies apiece, but only if several thousand are made. A 3D printer however, will spend 10 hours creating the same part but only costing pennies per part without the need for mass production. This is due to the fact that 3D printers are not dedicated machines that can only produce a specific part.

Typically utilizing three-axes, 3D printers move a molten plastic dispensing head to locations that need to contain material. These heads then extrude the plastic out, layer by layer, printing the design until the entire part has been produced.

Even though these printers take many hours to produce a part, they are in fact one of the most cost-effective and convenient forms of rapid manufacturing techniques with emphasis in prototyping parts.

Imagine the scenario where a company is designing a new product with two teams: the mechanical engineers (who are responsible for the casing) and the electronics engineers (who are responsible for the internal circuitry). Initially, the electronics team decides on dimensions and screw hole locations which the mechanical engineers take and design a suitable housing from. Halfway throughthe design phase, however, the electronics team decide to use a larger component (for example, a larger electrolytic capacitor) which results in the enclosure not being big enough. This problem may go unnoticed right up until the enclosure design has been received from rapid manufacturing company.

The use of a 3D printer would not only reduce the cost for prototyping for the department, but it would also allow both teams to test out prototypes faster and catch design flaws. I've seen this scenario play out at a place of employment where delays and multiple issues could have been avoided by having a 3D printer available.
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3D printing is showing the world how anyone can have their custom designs be constructed on demand with no tooling skills required. But how will electronics be affected by 3D printing?

This research from Nanyang Technological University hints at a future where pick-and-place machines may be integrated into 3D printers. This would allow a circuit to be constructed and implanted on-the-go as the machine also prints out the casing. The result could be production lines that are nearly fully autonomous with very little human intervention.



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